Customer Testimonials

“Always our first call regardless of our problem. They are the most trustworthy and honest people we have had work on our boat. We never have to worry that they are telling us we need to do a repair or replacement that we don’t need and we never doubt the job will be done when they say it will be done.”

Holly Redmond, September 28th, 2016

“Incredibly professional group. I would highly recommend Steve and his group for any rigging work.”

Jody Abrams, September 8th, 2016

Steve and his crew listened to what we needed, then stopped by our just purchased 1997 Catalina 38 to look it over. In 10 minutes they diagnosed the issue, proposed a solution, removed the sail, gave me an estimate on money and time and off they went. Came in right on budget, hit the completion date on the mark, sent me photos to see the final product. Thoroughly professional and timely. I’d recommend these guys anytime, an will have them back on our boat as we need them for sure.

Mike Conroy, August 28th, 2016

Extremely knowledgeable in repair or upgrades to not just rigging, but all systems of sailboats. Professional and prompt service. These guys have helped my wife and I outfit our boat for live aboard cruising. From rigging replacement to solar panel install and also repair of systems specific to our boat, we couldn’t have done it without them. Fair, reasonably priced, and always available for questions. 5 stars plus, nothing more I can say.”

Zach Duncan, August 30th 2016

“While having work done on our Catalina 400 at Maximo Marine, I had the opportunity to see the expert work “The Yacht Rigger” Stephen Lloyd performed unstepping the mast on a sailing yacht next to us. I will definitely have him perform all of the rigging work on our boat in near future! Captain Ted Seefeldt, St Petersburg, FL”

Ted Seefeldt, May 3rd, 2016

I am just completing a rig renovation on my Pearson 323 The Yacht Rigger has been helping me with. These guys are awesome in every way! They have been very patient in working with me through challenging situations with my 35 year old rigging. At every step of the way the guys have provided lots of support and encouragement for me to do most of the work myself simultaneously saving me lots of money while learning a great deal about my rig. The thing I am most happy about is The service and support from The Yacht Rigger through this difficult project not only improved my boat, it’s made me a better sailor.

Well Done Guys”
John North, April 29th 2016

“I’ve been around boats for over 30 years, NEVER have I met a crew so honest, so exact, and so ready to give advice that actually saves me money than The Yacht Rigger’s. I have a Hunter 420 Passage in Sarasota Yacht Club, I got quotes from another local sail rigger and it was going to coast me at least $2,300 to fix my problem. Yacht Rigger came in and took the time to look at it before giving a quote. My problem was solved perfectly for under $800! When I asked them about mast lights, I was told to only change out bulbs to LED instead of replacing the whole fixture like the other rigger listed above suggested. Saving me another $450 + dollars just in materials! They have all my business now and in the future, and I hope all of Sarasota Yacht Club as well from my referrals. This review is real, and if you’d like to confirm it or have questions just ask them for Dan’s contact information.

Good job guys and good luck you’ve got my work!!”

– Daniel Krieg, January 5th 2016

TheYachtRigger Crew bailed me out of a complex mast stepping. My Downeast 38 mast, although “low aspect”, was very stout and pretty heavy. Their crew directed the operation and quickly had the mast stepped and tuned. They were very professional, skilled and knowledgeable. They have also done a lot of work at our sailing club with all satisfied. They will do all my work in the future. Thanks Guys!

Daniel Roberts – September 29th 2015

The Yacht Rigger was extremely professional, prompt and courteous. I would highly recommend them!!

Gail Buck – November 21st 2015

Thorough,Knowledgeable,Fast,and Accurate. Exceptionally high skill level, and very professional manner. great attitude

Charles Jackson – July 10th 2015

“When my Genoa roller furler failed when in La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico, I was at first hesitant to engage a company unknown to me and through the internet to procure and ship the replacement unit and parts. However, The Yacht Rigger’s Steve Lloyd came through for me in every way: excellent communication and updates during the process; upfront attitude and follow-through; on-time delivery and personalized service. I certainly recommend Steve and his business.” – Hellmuth Starnitzky

“I have found Stephen to be extremely knowledgeable as both a rigger and a yachtsman. He always goes above and beyond what is expected and conducts business honorably. I highly recommend TYR!” – Deb

“Steve and I spent time getting my winches serviced and rigging examined last week and I can’t praise him enough for not only performing these important maintenance tasks professionally, but also teaching me a lot in the process. He has an amazing sailing-related resume! His work was scheduled in advance and he kept his appointment (a rare thing in these parts). He cared for my boat as if it were his own, keeping all grease and debris in its place and carefully controlled. He ascended the mast like a South African Spider Man (bare feet, harness, and minimal backup assistance from me for safety purposes), a sight to behold. I heartily endorse Steve and his service and welcome him to our sailing community.” – GRB/Transcendance

“I was very happy to take advantage of the Rig Inspection and Winch Service Special offered recently by The Yacht Rigger. For a very reasonable fee, Steve Lloyd inspected the mast and standing rigging from mast cap to compression post, and inspected and serviced all my winches. The work was first rate and Steve not only encouraged me to observe, but explained each step in detail. I believe it was money well spent – not only for the services provided – but as an educational experience that helps makes me a safer and more competent sailor.” – Robert Banks, SV “Well Heeled”, Watauga Lake, TN