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The world’s first foldable winch handle

We’ve solved the problem of losing the handle in the sea! Flipper is always ready, you no longer have to look for the handle and place it on the winch

The 4 Configurations



Flipper closes on the winch and allows you to furl or let the sheet go



In this configuration Flipper is best positioned for easy quick maneuvers



In this position the Flipper is like using the standard-sized lever


Extended – 30cm

Use 30cm of leverage to carry out precision maneuvers without fatigue

How It’s Made

Universal star attachment to fit any winch

Made in CNC milled 6082 anticorodal aluminum.
This ensures that there can be no air bubbles inside, so it will be stronger, avoiding any damage.

Ergonomic knob in abs

Flipper™ it’s always ready-to-use.The ergonomic design of know allows you to do quietly also all difficult maneuvers

Strong aluminum structure 100% made in Italy

Flipper™ is made of a strong structure. All joints are made of stainless steel 316L to withstand stress. The 6082 aluminum guarantess the security of lock.