Ewincher 2

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Ewincher is a power-assisted handle that makes winching much easier. It’s designed to perfectly assist sailing maneuvers without altering your natural movements. Increase your power and speed with very limited effort while maintaining an ideal position.

Ewincher electric winch handle with its battery, charger, inverter, winch handle pocket and its bag.

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3 reviews for Ewincher 2

  1. Steve Burch

    This is an outstanding product. My wife was able to get me to the top of our mast with no issues. Still had 99% of the battery left afterwards.

    The eWincher is really well built and is easy to handle. The Bluetooth to my iPhone provides battery and other info.

  2. Stephen Burch

    Bought the Ewincher primarily to help my wife get me to the top of the mast. On our initial test, the Ewincher easily got me up the mast and still had 99% battery power left. The Ewincher also has plenty of power to trim and furl a large headsail.

    I’ve tried other products, but none come close to the Ewincher. I highly recommend the Ewincher.

  3. Louis Gombkoto

    We wanted to make some improvements to our FP Helia 44 cat. Our list included single-handed friendly, performance and safety for blue water sailing. The Yacht Rigger’s delivered! Lots of great ideas and well executed. I highly recommend them, what a great group of guys dedicated to doing things right.

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