Smartlink 10t


Smartlink sensors, developed in collaboration with INEOS TEAM UK, are designed to be installed in-line with any soft stay or sheet, and have been used on bobstays, code 0 furlers, mainsheets, backstays, vangs, and more. They’re simple to set up and wirelessly send live load data to your phone or most on-board electronics systems (with the addition of a Cyclops Marine Gateway). Smartlink comes in five sizes, each with a different maximum operating load, and can be used on anything from superyachts to kiteboards.

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The Strongest, Smallest, Most Versatile Load-Sensors, For Anything From Superyachts To Kiteboards.

  • Expert designed for low weight, low windage.
  • Factory Calibrated and pin point accurate to +/- 1% of maximum working load.
  • Durable and waterproof beyond IP67.
  • Powered by CR2032 batteries.
  • Built-in smartbutton saves battery life, so device is only on when needed.
  • Pair with smartfittings app for logging and stats.
  • Display on a smartphone, recommended range of up to 15m while sailing (connect to on-board displays via Gateway for long range).
  • Bearing surface design fits strops with relevant working loads.

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