Smarttune 1/2”


Smarttune sensors are designed to replace your existing turnscrews (forestay/backstay/shrouds/diagonals) and wirelessly broadcast live data to your phone or most on-board electronics systems (with the installation of a Cyclops Marine Gateway). Smarttune is now available in five sizes to fit a variety of boat classes (sizes represent turnscrew measurements).

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  • Easy install, simply swap out existing turnscrew body on your standing
  • Size based on threaded stud diameter of the wire swage.
  • Live load wirelessly communicated to your phone.
  • Live load wirelessly communicated to your boat electronics via the Cyclops
  • Data log and graph stored on phone and/or gateway.
  • Multiple sensors can be read on one phone or gateway.
  • Loadtalk enables the load to be heard in earphones whilst sailing, ideal for
    tuning runs.
  • Precision designed for lowest weight, low windage.
  • Open body for stud to stud calibration.
  • Factory Calibrated and accurate to +/- 1% of maximum working load.
  • Durable and waterproof beyond IP67.
  • Powered by easy to source 2 x AAA batteries (approx. 6 months of battery
    life), spare batteries supplied with order.
  • Factory set to 1Hz (fresh load reading per second)
  • For display on a smartphone, recommended range of up to 15m while sailing (connect to on-board displays via Gateway for longer range).

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