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Because making water, should not be so complicated

Rainman watermaker systems can be purchased in a portable or installed system.
Convert between configurations as to best suit your needs.

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Use the System Guide to help choose your Rainman Watermaker

System Selection Guide

ACCESSORIES (optional)


Spares Parts & Consumables

Your new Rainman watermaker comes with 5 prefilters (one fitted and four spares). Depending on the source water, each filter should last between 5 and 50+ hours. They are non-proprietary and readily available around the world.

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Your new Rainman watermaker comes with a 1 kg (2.2 lb) tub of food grade sodium metabisulfate.  You only use 3 tablespoons when you store the system for extended periods, so this tub should last quite a long time.  We normally do not recommend extra pickle solution mix at the time of purchase.

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The impeller requires changing every year or two.  We use standard sized impellers that can be sourced from Jabsco, Johnson, Oberdorfer, etc. They are inexpensive and small, so it may be worth keeping a spare on hand.

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If you have this system, there is a drive belt that should last for many years. Although it is generally unnecessary, some customers prefer to keep a spare. The electric watermakers do not use a drive belt.

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When properly taken care of, your RO membranes should last between 5 and 10 years. We do not recommend customers carry spares. Rainman utilises DuPont Filmtec membranes, which we believe are the best in the world. They are non-proprietary sized and readily available. The TDS (total dissolved solids) readings of your product water will increase over the years, so most people look to change membranes when it climbs near 800 ppm (parts per million) of TDS.

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Total System Overview



There’s Water Everywhere
Demand for fresh water has increased dramatically in recent decades.

Many of us now expect daily fresh water showers with pressurized plumbing and unlimited drinking water. Having an operational desalination system available provides independence and flexibility.

Rainman watermakers provide clean, reliable and convenient fresh water regardless of your location. Onshore, Rainman Watermakers provides rescue teams, property owners, survivalist and off-the-grid facilities with a clean and reliable source of fresh drinking water for personal or operational use.

Until now, the only option has been a complex built-in desalination system. The high expense, complexity and maintenance of such systems have been daunting, often requiring downtime and technician call outs for maintenance or repairs.

Introducing the worlds first easy to use, low maintenance and inexpensive watermakers that doesn’t need to be installed and is built to operate as a fully functional primary system. Providing an uninterrupted water supply, and peace of mind that won’t break your bank.

With our range of portable and installation Rainman Watermakers and Desalination systems, these simple to operate watermakers are capable of producing up to 37 Gallons/hour, and if the requirement to permanently or partially install your Rainman Watermaker into your vessel, the system can be integrated at will, without a complex installation.

Rainman Watermakers are available in Portable and Installed configurations. Each can be converted to the other for maximum flexibility! Portable and installed systems allow for you to choose the best fit for your application as your preference changes.


The Rainman Watermaker portable configuration comes ready to go right out of the box. With set up of your portable desalination taking as little as 10 minutes, you can benefit right away from a fully functional, and extremely robust portable desalination system without the cost and downtime of complex installations.


Rainman watermakers can be installed within there sturdy cases, or as a traditional installed module. This gives you the flexibility should you choose to install your watermaker immediately, or if even you decide to in years from now. A range of accessories are available to help you install your Rainman watermaker in our parts store.

Rainman Watermakers are solid, robust portable desalination systems designed for the extremes of a maritime environment and built with ingenuity, with the most popular of our systems needing only a small portable generator to operate, and our gasoline systems being completely independent and backed by the global and prestigious Rainman Honda warranty. Check out the videos below to watch out most popular portable desalination systems in action and why you too will fall in love the Rainman Watermakers.


Rainman watermakers are quick and easy to setup, yet very simple and reliable to operate. Our 115V rainman desalination systems are the most popular system on the market.


True portability, our gasoline systems require no external power, and are the icon of true efficiency. 1 gallon of gasoline equals 140 gallons of water. No Power, No Problem.

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