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Synchronized Main Furling

Sail handling made easier for small crews by means of a synchronized electric motor inside the mast and a newly developed electric winch E40i for the outhaul . Just push a button and the sail extends out in a controlled manner as the winch adjusts the outhaul tension in relation to the electric motor in the mast.


Converting your manually operated furling mast is easy. The vertical shaft is replaced with a longer version which is connected to the electric motor. A clutch allows the motor to be disconnected for manual operation when needed. The motor is completely integrated into the mast and connected to the Seldén Power Supply and SEL-Bus system.


If you push the ”OUT” button the sail will begin to unfurl. The E40i winch will tension up the outhaul as the mast motor feeds out the sail. The speed is doubled when the ”IN” button is pushed in addition to ”OUT”. To reef, just release the outhaul from the winch and push ”IN”.


The E40i winch is built around an electric motor totally integrated in the drum. Only three small cables are protruding leading through the coach roof or deck, no large cutouts and no external motor or gearboxes. This makes for uncompromised headroom below which is normally an issue with electric winches. Three speed operation provides a high speed gear, a moderate and a low speed gear for fine tuning. It is a two finger operation to start the winch and to switch gear, a single-handed sailor can helm while adjusting the trim with ease.


Power supply and SEL-Bus system

The Seldén Power Supply System converts 12V or 24V to 42V allowing for smaller motors and thinner cables.

Each electric function has a dedicated motor control unit and are connected through a Can Bus system or ”SEL-Bus”, they communicate for smooth operation of the sail without overloads.

When not in use, the system will switch to power saving mode.

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