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Arco Zeus

Alternator Regulator


#1 Authorized Rainman Distributor in the USA

We’re committed to offer the lowest Rainman prices in the US!


Marine Solar & Electrical

Marine solar installations on all vessels


DIY Marina Wet Slips & Haul-Out Facilities

Slips can accommodate catamarans up to 55' with beam limitations at 30'

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The Yacht Rigger is a marine specialist group dedicated to marine upgrades and maintenance.
From rigging, electrical, lithium batteries, solar, custom metal fabrication, air conditioning, deck hardware and much more.

We specialize in all types of yacht rigging, whether your boat is for cruising or racing, our team provides a comprehensive unbiased service tailored around you and your vessel. Please explore our services and products pages to discover what we have to offer.

Featured Services

Rigging & Lines

Solar & Electrical

Sailboat Arches

Quality Brands

High quality brands namely Blue Wave, Selden Furlex, Ewincher, Rainman, Spectra, Mantus, Harken, Waterline Design and more. We are currently expanding the store so keep an eye out.

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Quality Services

At The Yacht Rigger we pride ourselves in offering top quality service, installation, and maintenance to a wide range of products and brands. Have a look at our lit of services below.

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Marine Solar & Electrical Systems

The Yacht Rigger is proud to be the premier choice in Florida for marine solar installations on all vessels, from sailing catamarans, to cruising mono-hulls, to power cats and small motor trawlers. We’ve got your solar & electrical needs covered. Including new system installation, existing system troubleshooting, parts replacement, new system integration or additions, new battery banks and much more. Let our partnered ABYC certified technicians come out to take a look at your electrical needs and we’ll make sure you have an efficient, well integrated system up and running in no time.

Standing Rigging Production Facility

With our Wireteknik A350 swage machine and a production shop full of swage fittings, spools of KOS Stainless steel wire and wire rope, and brand new chrome bronze turnbuckles by the dozen, we can produce standing rigging from lifeline size – up to 5/8″ (16mm) standing rigging. Competitive pricing and top quality parts mean your new standing rigging will be safe for many years to come.

We have a very large inventory of Blue Wave standing rigging components on hand at all times. See our Blue Wave page for more details on this top quality Danish supplier.

We ship anywhere, so send us your orders for standing rigging and we’re happy to produce your rigging and ship it out to you, or come see us at the boat yard!

Standing Rigging

Lifeline Rigging

If you need your Lifeline rigging replaced, look no further. We offer full service Lifeline rigging replacement. We only use top of the line marine grade stainless steel products, and our A350 swaging machine can handle swaging up to 5/8″ (16mm) wire.

Let our team renew your Lifeline rigging and get back out on the water sailing safely.

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Marina Wet Slips & Haul Out Facilities

In our wet slips we can accommodate catamarans up to 55′ with beam limitations at 30′. We have a large float bag on site for service work on catamarans such as thru-hull installations, sail drive removal, propeller work, and underwater light installations.

On the hard we are limited to a 16′ beam for haul out and offer full service bottom jobs as well as gelcoat repairs, propeller and shaft replacements, and even re-power projects (and more).

We do offer do it yourself “DIY” yard spaces, as well as DIY wet slip spaces, and all our wet slip spaces allow liveaboard and offer bathrooms with showers and laundry facilities.

Solar Frame & Arch Fabrication

We utilize the latest state of the art solar panels and build custom frames in house out of light weight marine grade bright anodized aluminium. (Stainless steel frame fabrication is also available if requested). Our goal is to maximize your vessel’s solar potential whilst maintaining minimalist concepts to create a beautiful, and highly functional end product.

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Rigging Inspections & Consultations

The Yacht Rigger provides comprehensive rigging inspections on all masts to vessels located within our service area. We inspect all running and standing rigging. All rigging termination points are visually inspected. Sheave pins and sheaves inspected, spreaders, furler or headsail foils, and all gooseneck fittings. Electrical wiring is inspected for chafe/corrosion.

We also check all light fittings, blocks, cars, tracks, clutches, winches and any other hardware. A complete cleaning of all rigging ends, pins, and cars can be added if the mast is going into storage. We provide a detailed report of our findings, including suggestions for any additional parts and work required.

At the Yacht Rigger we also offer a consultation service designed to assist you with both troubleshooting as well as with selection of any new rigging parts, from winches or furling gear, to a new mast, no job is too big or too small. Please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch so that we can assist you!

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Standing Rigging Replacement

If you need your standing rigging replaced, look no further. We offer full service standing rigging replacement, either mast down or mast up depending on the rigging configuration and project requirements. We only use top of the line marine grade stainless steel products, and our A350 swaging machine can handle swaging up to 5/8″ (16mm) wire.

While your mast is down we can assess and repair or replace any electronics, and our fab team can make necessary repairs to your mast itself if needed. We have wet slips on site available by appointment, so you can come right here to our facility at Salt Creek Marina in St Pete. Let our team renew your rigging and get back out on the water sailing safely.

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Winch Servicing

Servicing your winches regularly not only improves their longevity, but also greatly improves performance. Correctly cleaned and lubricated winches will operate faster, and require less force when grinding.

We can service all of your winches professionally, on site, in a matter of a few hours. We carry parts for most major brands and can source parts for almost any winch out there today.

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Our riggers are highly competent splicers, capable of splicing any line in a given application. From basic polyamide docklines, to covered Vectran, we can assist you in selecting the correct line for the correct application. Be it a weight saving halyard for a race boat, or a topping lift for a cruiser, look no further than TYR.

Hardware Installation

At TYR we can supply all hardware relating to your mast and deck, for all brands of masts. Our team of expert riggers will guide you through getting the right equipment for your boat.

We supply many top of the line models of headsail furlers, including Selden Furlex and Harken. TYR can also provide servicing and spare parts for existing systems to ensure efficiency and reliability.

We supply a full range of blocks, clutches, cars and travelers from the leading brands Spinlock, Harken, Selden, and Ronstan. Be it a cruising boat wanting to maximize ease of use for all of running systems, or a high performance dinghy or racing yacht wanting to minimize weight, we will provide a product suited to your needs.

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New Sails & Sail Covers

If you’re considering replacing your sails or sail covers, please get in touch with us through our contact portal. Our team has decades of experience in both cruising and racing and we’ve partnered with the most talented and detail oriented sailmakers and canvas specialists in the Tampa Bay area to offer you a comprehensive sail replacement service.

Our sail replacement service includes:
Consultation – we’ll help you choose the sail material and cut that best suits your needs.

Measurement – if you fall within our service area we’ll come out to your boat and take precise measurements to make sure that your new sails perform optimally. We’ll also advise you regarding the variety of sail covers, mainsail storage systems, and sail furling systems available.

Installation – when your crisp new sails or sail covers are ready we’ll come out to your vessel and install them, to make sure they fit and perform exactly as needed.

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Stern Arch & Davit Systems

If you are looking to store your tender on your stern, we have you covered. From large stern arches to smaller davit systems. We’ve partnered with suppliers from across the US to bring you the most cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and practical solutions to this complex issue. We can also supply fully integrated solar and wind systems on top of our stern arches that will get you off the grid and ready to go out into the big blue!

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Anchoring & Windlass Systems

We supply and install new windlasses, anchors, anchor chain, rode, and all the accessories in between. We can fabricate custom mounting platforms, install all the necessary switches, wiring, fuses, and additional batteries if needed.

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Marine Electronics

At The Yacht Rigger we offer a comprehensive marine electronics service that includes new system installation, existing system troubleshooting, parts replacement, new system integration or additions, new battery banks and much more. Let our partnered ABYC certified technicians come out to take a look at your electrical needs and we’ll make sure you have an efficient, well integrated system up and running in no time.

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Google Reviews

Stephen does regular work for me on rigging. He is very knowledgeable and dependable. First rate!

Robert K

Steve and his crew listened to what we needed, then stopped by our just purchased 1997 Catalina 38 to look it over. In 10 minutes they diagnosed the issue, proposed a solution, removed the sail, gave me an estimate on money and time and off they went. Came in right on budget, hit the completion date on the mark, sent me photos to see the final product. Thoroughly professional and timely. I'd recommend these guys anytime, an will have them back on our boat as we need them for sure.

Mike Conroy

Extremely knowledgeable in repair or upgrades to not just rigging, but all systems of sailboats. Professional and prompt service. These guys have helped my wife and I outfit our boat for live aboard cruising. From rigging replacement to solar panel install and also repair of systems specific to our boat, we couldn't have done it without them. Fair, reasonably priced, and always available for questions. 5 stars plus, nothing more I can say.

Zach Duncan

These are the most professional guys I've met in the marine industry in St. Pete. They were very helpful in getting my boat ready for passage on a tight timeline. The job was done in time and on budget, but what really sets them apart is the fantastic communication. Highly recommend!

Nate Mortensen

Great service. These guys are very knowledgeable.

Pat M

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