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Framed Watermakers

Torrent is the highest output watermaker that was created for those customers on larger vessels that require substantial amounts of fresh water and have more power available.


For those customers on larger vessels, or people that simply require more water, the Rainman Torrent watermaker is a good option. Making up to 230 litres per hour (60 gallons), the Torrent is the largest Rainman system available.

Torrent retains the design simplicity found in our other watermakers. To ensure maximum reliability, the system is manually controlled, with electronics only used for autoflush function and salinity indication.

Framed or Modular

Torrent offers versatile installation options, whether integrated into your vessel’s plumbing or stationed on land. It can adapt to various setups, presenting either as a unified unit or divided into smaller modules.

With the option to mount the three membranes on the rear or top of the unit, Torrent provides flexibility in size considerations. Furthermore, the membrane rack can be repositioned to accommodate specific spatial requirements. Remote mounting of the control panel is possible, and both the prefilter and autoflush filter can be situated remotely for added adaptability.

Torrent facilitates straightforward installation as a single unit or allows for the strategic separation of essential components, ideal for constrained spaces.


The Rainman Torrent boasts a versatile motor, compatible with both 230VAC and 115VAC wiring options. Operating steadily at 2450 watts with a frequency of 50Hz or at 2800 watts with a frequency of 60Hz, we advise utilizing a robust 8kW generator to power the system effectively.

In terms of design, Torrent maintains simplicity by adopting a configuration reminiscent of our conventional electric systems. It features a single motor housing, with a low-pressure lift pump and a high-pressure pump affixed at opposite ends of the shaft for efficient operation.

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