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Portable Watermakers

Portable Rainman Watermaker systems are ideal for applications with AC or DC power onboard. No Installation required, ready to go in 10 minutes!

Portable AC Rainman Watermakers

Rainman Portable

12 Volt DC Water Maker

The 12VDC system is the Rainman watermaker that consumes the least power.

It’s a very simple and highly reliable system that can make up to 34 litres (9 gallons) of fresh potable water per hour. Options exist for this system to be run completely portable without any plumbing or fully plumbed in with a minimum footprint installation.

Our 12VDC system is a great option if you don’t have AC power available to you but want to avoid the complexities and maintenance requirements of more efficient energy recovery systems.


Complimentary Supply Kit

Your Rainman Watermaker will be delivered with a complimentary supply kit of consumables to cover your first few months of use, nothing more required,  everything is included.

All consumables are non proprietary, so you will be able to get stock locally, even without a dealer!


The Rainman Watermaker consists of two components. The Pressure Supply Unit and the Reverse Osmosis Membranes. Together they make a complete Rainman Watermaker desalination system.


The Pressure Supply Unit(PSU) is selected based on your power supply onboard. The PSU pumps the seawater in, filters out dirt and sediment then puts the system under high pressure for operation. A set of membranes connect to the PSU to extract drinking water from the seawater,  which is the basic operation of the system.


The membranes receive the high pressure water from the PSU, using reverse osmosis, extract the drinking water from the seawater. The membranes will produce two ‘output’ flows, one will be the ‘Brine’ or ‘Waste water’, which you will discharge back into the sea. The second flow the membranes produce is the ‘permeate’ or ‘fresh water’ flow.


115V PSU

115V Rainman systems are designed to operate drawing around 12 amps – around 1250 watts steady state power consumption. A generator as small as a Honda EU2000i will work for this system

230V PSU

230V Rainman systems draw approx 6 amps – around 1250 watts steady state power consumption. A generator as small as the Honda EU20i will work for this system. Your preferred plug can be selected upon order.


12V DC systems require around 30 amps to operate – around 410 watts. The Rainman system is ideal for folks wanting to avoid the complexities and maintenance of more efficient energy recovery systems.



The high output membrane is the flagship model – designed specifically for the Rainman Electric  Pressure Supply Units. With the High Output Case, you can expect to produce between 26 – 37 GPH. This is our most popular and highest output option.


An ideal companion for the electric PSU if you are short on space, and do not require the higher output that the High Output membrane provides. This compact case, together with the Rainman Electric PSU is capable of producing between 13 – 18 Gallons Per Hour.


The most economical companion to the Electric PSU. With the Economy Membrane, you can expect production rates between 13 – 18 Gallons Per Hour*. This is also the only membrane compatible with the 12V DC Rainman system (*7-9 GPH at 12V)


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