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Our original Gasoline version of the pressure supply unit perfect for vessels and applications using the system off grid.

  • Sturdy polyethylene shell with removable front hatch for easy access.
  • Honda GXH50 50cc, 1600W (2.1 hp) Gasoline powered engine.
  • Pre-filter and housing externally mounted for ease of service.
  • Jabsco impeller pump to lift water and provide positive pressure to the high pressure pump.
  • General Pump WM series 316 stainless steel high pressure pump, the workhorse of the RO industry.
  • General Pump relief valve to prevent over pressurization and allow for pressure washing.
  • Sturdy 3 meter draw hose fitted with one way valve so it remains primed, with detachable strainer.
  • High pressure stainless steel quick couple outlet for connection RO membrane unit or pressure washer gun.
  • Five 5 micron pleated paper pre-filter cartridges included.
  • 2.2 lb. bag pickling solution powder included.
  • Dimensions: Length 23.4″, Width 12.2″, Height 17.7″
  • Weight: 58.3lb

The high output membrane is the flagship model - designed specifically for the Gasoline high power systems. With the High Output Case, you can expect to produce between 26 - 37 GPH. This is our most popular option and will yield the highest production efficiency when used with the Gasoline watermaker.

  • Two 40″ Dow Filmtec RO membranes will produce 23 to 37 Gph, depending on source water temperature and salinity.
  • If desired, it the entire case can be permanently mounted, or internal system can be removed and installed with included rubber mounts.
  • All salt water plumbing is 316 stainless steel.
  • Quality fluid filled pressure gauge.
  • Integrated Flow Gauge for use in brackish/fresh water316 stainless steel pressure valve for long life.
  • Rugged polyethylene case.
  • 16 ft input hose with quick fit connector for connection to pressure supply unit, won’t mark your deck.
  • 10 ft food grade polyurethane fresh water delivery hose.
  • 33 ft food grade polyurethane extension hose for reaching your forward water tank.
  • 10 ft brine waste hose.
  • Dimensions: Length 46.5″, Width 5.75″, Height 9.75″.
  • Weight: 52lb.
  • All systems come complete with a full supply package of filters and pickling solution mix, tools and manuals.
  • Ready to operate out of the box.

Download Manuals:
Operation Manual – Petrol (Gasoline) System v1.7
Quick Reference Card – Petrol (Gasoline) v2.1
Honda GXH50 Motor Manual
All Rainman Manuals



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