A New Winch From Ronstan

Ahoy there, fellow cruisers! Gather round as we unveil the latest gem from Ronstan. Now, before you raise your sails of skepticism, let us set the record straight: this isn’t a paid promotion, and we’re not cashing any checks here. We’re purely driven by our enthusiasm for innovation, and we’re eager to share the spotlight on a groundbreaking product that’s making waves in the cruiser community. So, hop aboard explorers and discover the marvel that is the Ronstan Quicktrim™ Orbit Winch™.

We’re thrilled to introduce the world to the 2023 Ronstan Quicktrim™ Orbit Winch™! This isn’t a product of coincidence; it’s the culmination of an international design effort spearheaded by the Ronstan design group. The tagline? “The world’s best winch,” and we’re here to assure you it’s earned that title. Years in the making, this creation went through the meticulous stages of concept, design, development, testing, manufacturing, and logistics. All this, shrouded in secrecy – until the moment of truth arrived. A range of sizes from 20, 30, and 40, with 45 and 50 in the pipeline. But it’s not just about numbers – it’s about redefining industry standards, being 10% lighter and 10% stronger than competitors, introducing features that have never been seen in a winch before.

Set your sights on innovation that breaks barriers. The Ronstan Quicktrim™ Orbit Winch™ boasts the lowest line entry in its class, a design marvel that’s all about form and function. The concept of “low to the deck” takes on new meaning with this beauty. Servicing this wonder requires no tools, ensuring that maintenance is a breeze. You can’t miss those iconic power ribs, taken from the legendary Anderson Winch, offering an unparalleled grip and control while minimizing rope wear. As the rope embraces the drum over these ribs, a unique harmony emerges, enhancing your sailing experience like never before. Add to that the efficiency of the Ronstan Quicktrim™ Orbit Winch™ and its seamless transition from full wrap to smooth release – it’s a symphony of functionality that only adds to the allure of this winch.

Master the Art of Quicktrim™: Picture this, loading the self-tailing winch, engaging the Quicktrim™. Then, with a twist of the top cap, the bottom jaws release, allowing you to ease out the sheet without breaking a sweat. No need to remove the winch handle, no need to release the wrap – it’s a seamless, elegant dance that’s as smooth as a calm sea.

Peeling back the layers of this innovation, we’re greeted with thoughtful features that cater to your sailing needs. The Quicktrim™ feature, available in Series 30 and Series 40, revolutionizes how you interact with the winch. Moreover, the amplification ratios – 20, 30, and 40 – amplify the power of your efforts. It’s like having a crew of experts at your command.

The allure of electrification looms large, and the Ronstan Quicktrim™ Orbit Winch™ doesn’t shy away from this future. Just like the renowned Anderson Winches, this winch can be electrified, offering an option for those seeking a powered sailing experience.

As we lower anchor on this exploration, we invite you to join us on The On Deck Channel for more sailing revelations. If you found this journey intriguing, a simple comment goes a long way in fueling our excitement.

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Until next time, fair winds and smooth seas, sailors. Stay tuned for the next chapter of innovation on the high seas!

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