Flipper™ Foldable Winch Handle

Losing the winch handle while out at sea is a problem that has frustrated sailors for years. It always seems to disappear at the most inconvenient moments, making maneuvers and sail adjustments a cumbersome task. However, a revolutionary solution has finally arrived – introducing Flipper, the world’s first foldable winch handle. With its innovative design and versatile configurations, Flipper ensures that you never have to search for your handle again. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this game-changing nautical accessory.

Flipper offers four distinct configurations, each designed to cater to different sailing situations:

  1. Closed: When closed, Flipper securely attaches to the winch, allowing you to easily furl or release the sheet without any hassle.
  2. Half/Open: In this configuration, Flipper provides optimal positioning for quick and effortless maneuvers, ensuring you can swiftly adjust the sails as needed.
  3. Open: With Flipper fully open, it functions just like a standard-sized lever, providing a comfortable grip and enabling you to exert the necessary force for smooth operation.
  4. Extended – 30cm: For precision maneuvers that require extra leverage, Flipper can be extended to 30cm. This added length allows you to carry out intricate adjustments without experiencing fatigue.

How It’s Made: Flipper is crafted using high-quality materials to guarantee durability and reliability, even in demanding marine environments. Key features of its construction include:

  1. Universal Star Attachment: Flipper’s universal star attachment ensures compatibility with any winch, eliminating the need for multiple handles. Made from CNC milled 6082 anticorodal aluminum, it boasts superior strength and avoids potential damage due to the absence of air bubbles.
  2. Ergonomic Knob in ABS: The Flipper handle features an ergonomic knob made from durable ABS material. Its thoughtful design allows for comfortable and precise handling during challenging maneuvers, ensuring a smooth sailing experience.
  3. Strong Aluminum Structure: Manufactured in Italy, Flipper is built to last. Its robust structure is composed of high-quality 6082 aluminum, providing exceptional durability. Stainless steel 316L joints ensure the handle can withstand significant stress, offering added security during demanding operations.

Order Now: If you’re tired of losing your winch handle and want to revolutionize your sailing experience, Flipper is the solution you’ve been waiting for. With its foldable design, versatile configurations, and durable construction, Flipper is a game-changer in the world of sailing accessories. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your boating adventures—order your Flipper handle today and enjoy hassle-free maneuvers on the open water.