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High Performance

Alternator Regulator

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Arco Zeus

High Performance Alternator Regulator

ARCO’s Zeus stands out as a unique high-energy alternator regulator, with Bluetooth connectivity and a native app compatible with both IOS and Android. This simplifies the installation and setup processes, providing an intuitive interface for accessing previously unavailable system data.

This data empowers users to fine-tune their systems, enhancing battery charging and optimizing alternator output. The end result is a safer overall experience while protecting your investment in your energy system. What sets Zeus apart is its ability to measure and respond to various inputs, including battery current and temperature as well as the alternator current and temperature.

Smart Monitoring Temperature & Current

The Zeus is the only alternator regulator that measures and reacts to inputs from the Battery current and temperature and the Alternator current and temperature. Through the ARCO Zeus App (IOS & Android), your data is automatically logged and can be shared with your technician to troubleshoot system problems when remote. You can even import your remote technician’s configurations at sea.

Lithium & Lead-acid Compatible

Zeus optimizes battery charges for 12-48 volt systems. Whether you are using Lithium (LiFePo4) batteries to lead-acid Deep Cycle batteries, Zeus has you covered with its pre-set battery libraries and configurable menus to optimize your charging profiles. Zeus manages a complex set of inputs by giving you easy to understand options.

High Performance

Designed for performance with simplicity in mind.

Monitoring Control

Full wireless control for programming, monitoring and operation.

Safe & Secure

Safety performance limitations for batteries, alternator and engine.

New Innovation

Newest innovation in external regulator technology.

Arco Zeus – Alternator Regulator

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ARCO’s Zeus is the only high-energy alternator regulator to feature Bluetooth and a native app (on IOS and Android) allowing for easy installation and configuration. With its intuitive interface, you have access to information on your system that you never had before. This information allows you to regulate your system and optimize your battery charge and alternator output resulting in a safer experience while protecting your energy system investment.


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  • Bluetooth connection for easy installation, configuration, and updates
  • Harnesses, thermistors and NMEA 2000 kit included – Zeus comes with both a battery wiring harness and alternator wiring harness as well as 2 thermistors and the NMEA 2000 kit ($159 in savings)
  • Native ARCO Zeus application on mobile/tablet for easy to use and intuitive dashboard, system information, and a myriad of pre-set and customizable regulator settings. (Compatible with iOS and Android.)
  • State of Charge – Zeus is the first to the market regulator with built-in State of Charge which eliminates the need for an additional state of charge monitor
  • Generator Mode – Is a first to market advanced feature of ARCO’s Zeus is that it can turn your engine into a dedicated generator with a press of the button, whereby it focuses the alternator’s performance to the creation of energy in replenishing your battery bank quickly. This sustainability feature enables you to use less fuel to drive energy to your alternator.
  • Pre-set battery libraries – Whether you are using Lithium (LiFePo4) batteries to lead-acid Deep Cycle batteries, ARCO Zeus has you covered with its pre-set battery libraries.
  • Data logging and sharing – Log your alternator’s performance and settings wirelessly and automatically. Communicate setting files and performance logs with a push of a button to technical support for help troubleshooting.
  • CANbus and NMEA 2000-integrated networks enable you to transmit relevant data to RV navigation systems, multifunction displays (MFDs), or marine chart plotters
  • Compatible with all voltage systems – 12-48 volt compatible


Bluetooth Yes (Password Protected)
2 Feature-in ports To physically control user selectable options
1 Feature-out ports For lamp or control relay for multiple user options
RJ45 Yes
NMEA 2000 Yes
2 CAN connections Yes
Dedicated Signal Wire To disable charging from an external source such as BMS
Management Native Application built and managed by ARCO allows users to wirelessly install, monitor, system diagnose, and adjust settings.
System Voltage 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
State of Charge Yes (SOC)
Generator Mode™ While in neutral and using less fuel, the alternator will maximize the engine’s power and put 100% of the field into charging batteries.
P-Type (B-Circuit) and N-Type (A-Circuit) Compatible Yes, with wiring harness included.
Waterproof Yes, IP 66/ 67 rating.
Regulator Optimization Only alternator regulator that measures and reacts to inputs from the Battery current and temperature and the Alternator current and temperature.
Consistent Performance Operates at maximum performance within safety limits set by the user – Once the battery bank is full, it will continue to maintain and supply house loads while maintaining the full capacity of the battery bank.
Included Zeus High Energy Alternator Regulator, battery wiring harness, alternator wiring harness, 2 thermistors.
Enclosure Dimensions Without antenna: 8.2″ x 5.9″ x 2.4″ With antenna: 8.2″ x 7.5″ x 2.4″
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 1.7 lb.


Why do I need an external regulator when modern alternators come with internal regulators?

  • Limit of Internal Voltage regulators: Internal regulators are not able to meet the charging profile that is optimal for lithium batteries. They will consistently undercharge the battery due to only having one voltage setting.
  • Not optimal for Lithium batteries: Many alternators do not have an internal temp sensory. When using lithium batteries, the battery will demand more power than the alternator can produce over time and then eventually burn the alternator out.
  • Enhanced Charging Performance: Some external regulators are designed with advanced features that can improve charging performance. They may provide multi-stage charging, which optimizes the charging process by adjusting the voltage and current levels based on the battery’s state of charge. This helps to extend battery life and improve overall charging efficiency. Internal reg does not have this feature.
  • Customization: An external voltage regulator can offer more control and customization options compared to the internal regulator. It may allow you to adjust charging parameters, such as voltage setpoints, charge profile, and battery type, to optimize the charging process for your specific battery bank.
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics: External regulators may offer additional monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, such as displaying battery voltage, charging current, and other relevant information. This can help you keep track of your battery’s health and diagnose any potential issues.

What are the kinds of regulators out there and what is so special about your regulator?

  • There are internal alternator regulators and external alternator regulators.
  • For external voltage regulators there are 3 different external regulators including ARCO Zeus.
  • Zeus is the only alternator regulator to feature password protected Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Zeus is the only alternator regulator that enables users with installation, real-time configuration, and updates to your alternator, battery, and engine, without the need to plug into your alternator regulator.
  • Generator Mode™, unique to Zeus, enables you to use less fuel when powering your alternator. Your alternator will maximize the engine’s output when in neutral and send 100% of the field to your batteries.
  • Zeus is the only alternator regulator that features State-of-Charge capabilities. This mitigates your need for an additional state-of-charge product.
  • Zeus is the only alternator regulator that automatically logs records of your systems performance and can be shared with your technician to trouble shoot your system when remote. You can also import configurations sent remotely from your technician.
  • Zeus is the only alternator regulator to come with an alternator harness, battery harness, and 2 thermistors.

Does ARCO Zeus high-energy alternator regulator integrate with Victron systems?

Yes, ARCO Zeus is compatible and integrations with Victron systems.

Is Zeus hard to install?

The installation is simple. Once your wiring is complete, download the ARCO Zeus app, connect to Zeus via secure Bluetooth and finish the installation process without wires or other tools.

Can I buy the external regulator and use it on my existing alternator?

Yes, Zeus is agnostic when it comes to which alternator it will work with.

Where do I find the information needed to program the regulator?

You will need information on your battery and your alternator. Most batteries have all of the information you need on their label. For the required alternator information, you may need to visit the manufacturer’s website, contact the manufacturer or your technician.

What is Voltage Sensing and Why do I need it?

When charging there will be voltage loss/drop on the positive and negative wires between the alternator and the battery. Zeus features positive & negative volt sensing leads, something stock alternators do not have. These wires directly monitor battery voltage, at the battery terminals, so the regulator can compensate for the voltage drop in the output wiring. Volt sensing is a critical component of Zeus.

I noticed when charging at anchor (idle speed) my factory alternator got very hot. Can ARCO Zeus help with this?

ARCO Zeus has an alternator temp sensor that will modify the field current to let the alternator cool and keep it to a safe temp. Charging at idle can generate a lot of heat in factory alternators because the alternator is cooled by a fan and at low RPM you have low air flow.

I have LiFePo4 batteries and the manufacturer says not to absorb for any more than 20 minutes at 14.2V. Will Zeus work for this?

ARCO Zeus can be fully custom programmed, via an easy to use app on your phone and set to whatever voltage and duration you need.

How can I find my pulley ratio?

You calculate your pulley ratio by dividing the diameter of your crankshaft pulley by the diameter of the alternator pulley. For example, A 4”-inch crank pulley with a 2 inch alternator pulley will yield a 2:1 pulley ratio. (4 divided by 2 = 2:1) This means that the alternator will be spinning 2 times the engine RPM. In other words at 2000 engine RPM your alternator will be spinning at 4000 RPM.

What are the voltage set-points for the different charging stages?

ARCO Zeus can be fully custom programmed for your specific batteries.

Can this regulator be used for LiFePO4?

Absolutely, and every parameter from max alt temp to absorption voltage, float voltage and the duration of each stage is fully programmable to your needs

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