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Atlantic Towers® Sailboat Arches

The most recognized brand for marine tower products in the world

Made from high strength welded schedule 40 marine grade aluminum pipe nearly 2″ in diameter.
Secondary reinforcement of nearly 1 3/8″ in diameter finished in durable salt resistant bright clear anodizing.

The sailboat arch has the appearance and strength of a custom welded unit when installed on your boat. It weighs less than 100 pounds, and is strong enough to support the weight of two persons for the installation of equipment. Telescoping design allows adjustment to fit many different transoms and applications.

We do installations in-house here at The Yacht Rigger.
We are proud to say, we’ve installed over 300 Atlantic Towers® sailboat arches.

Sailboat Arch Prices

Distance between forward legs and after legs is the same

Adjusts to fit 78” to 90”
$2600 - Schedule 40
$3200 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB01/02/435Order
Adjusts to fit 88” to 100”
$2600 - Schedule 40
$3200 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101/02/44Order
Adjusts to fit 92” to 112”
$2700 - Schedule 40
$3300 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101/02/45Order
Adjusts to fit 104” to 123”
$2800 - Schedule 40
$3400 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101/02/46Order

Distance between forward legs is 10” greater than aft legs
(legs do not adjust independently, differential between forward legs and after legs is fixed at 10”)

Adjusts to fit 78” to 90” forward; 68” to 80” aft
$2700 - Schedule 40
$3300 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101.5/02.5/435Order
Adjusts to fit 88” to 100” forward; 78” to 90” aft
$2700 - Schedule 40
$3300 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101.5/02.5/44Order
Adjusts to fit 92” to 112” forward; 82” to 102” aft
$2800 - Schedule 40
$3400 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101.5/02.5/45Order
Adjusts to fit 104” to 123” forward; 94” to 113” aft
$2900 - Schedule 40
$3500 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101.5/02.5/46Order
Adjusts to fit 118" to 130” forward; 108” to 120” aft
$3700 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101.7/02.7/44Order
Adjusts to fit 128" to 140” forward; 118” to 130” aft
$3800 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101.7/02.7/45Order
Adjusts to fit 138" to 150” forward; 128” to 140” aft
$4100 - Schedule 80
Part No. TIB101.7/02.7/46Order

Extra high capacity, 2″ID super sized material

Adjusts to fit 120” to 170”
Part No. TIB111/12/346Order
Adjusts to fit 120" to 170” forward; 110” to 160” aft
Part No. TIB111.5/112.5/349Order


Installation & Fabrication

We do all installations in-house here at The Yacht Rigger. We are proud to say, we’ve installed over 300 Atlantic Towers® sailboat arches.

Simply fill in the order form and we will get back to you with a free consultation and quote for your specific vessel.

Arch Installation Tips


  1. Measure where you think The arch feet are going to land on the back of the boat, pick either the front or back leg landing positions and measure the span. Check for backing plate/nut access at these positions.
  2. Assemble the arch laying on dock and slide the sides into the bridge evenly until the leg span you measured is Approx 5-6” wider than your goal span. Tape the joints at the bridge using masking tape to stop it sliding further in when you are test fitting.
  3. Measure the “drop” from where you think the forward legs will land and the aft legs will land and trim the forward legs. Accordingly. I usually leave them a couple inches longer than I think they need to be, and do the final trim once I’m at the mocking up stage.
  4. Assemble the arch feet and install them, using string to secure them to the arch legs using a rolling hitch.
  5. Use a block and tackle or a truckers hitch to squeeze the legs together to match the span you are aiming for. No more than 6”.
  6. Hoist arch into position using topping lift or main halyard  (and two people) and test fit. At this point you can measure exactly how much you need to trim off the forward legs to make the arch fit level.
  7. If the arch needs to sit lower, once you have it level, you can trim both legs the same amount. Keep in mind that as the arch gets shorter the span will narrow slightly due to the geometry of the arch.
  8. Once you like the position, mark the feet in their positions using sharpie and lower the arch back to the dock. Release the block and tackle and drill/bolt the bridge. Drill and epoxy/bolt the feet into position.
  9. Hoist the arch again and check all landing positions on feet one final time. Mark bolt holes on gelcoat and move arch out of the way for drilling. Try to pick the forward or aft feet and do them in pairs, pick whichever set you think will allow you to bolt it down securely then pivot the arch back or forward to do the other pair after (check orientation of arch feet for pivot ability).
  10. Through bolt all feet and tighten. If fitting to an uneven surface, back fill the area behind the plate with thickened epoxy.
  11. Tighten all bolts on foot bases.

Order Form

Stephen does regular work for me on rigging. He is very knowledgeable and dependable. First rate!

Robert K

Steve and his crew listened to what we needed, then stopped by our just purchased 1997 Catalina 38 to look it over. In 10 minutes they diagnosed the issue, proposed a solution, removed the sail, gave me an estimate on money and time and off they went. Came in right on budget, hit the completion date on the mark, sent me photos to see the final product. Thoroughly professional and timely. I'd recommend these guys anytime, an will have them back on our boat as we need them for sure.

Mike Conroy

Extremely knowledgeable in repair or upgrades to not just rigging, but all systems of sailboats. Professional and prompt service. These guys have helped my wife and I outfit our boat for live aboard cruising. From rigging replacement to solar panel install and also repair of systems specific to our boat, we couldn't have done it without them. Fair, reasonably priced, and always available for questions. 5 stars plus, nothing more I can say.

Zach Duncan

These are the most professional guys I've met in the marine industry in St. Pete. They were very helpful in getting my boat ready for passage on a tight timeline. The job was done in time and on budget, but what really sets them apart is the fantastic communication. Highly recommend!

Nate Mortensen

Great service. These guys are very knowledgeable.

Pat M