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    The Yacht Rigger
    Salt Creek Marina
    107 15th ave SE
    St Petersburg, Fl, 33701

    Regarding scheduling and availability

    We care about your schedule and ours. Sometimes, much to our joy, we complete a project ahead of schedule and under budget. Other times we run into unforeseen complications that can add considerable time, effort, and cost. Please understand that our calendar, as it relates to scheduling is based on many variables:

    • Safety concerns
    • Wind speed and direction
    • Lightning
    • Heavy rain
    • Size and scope of project
    • Resources available at the time of request (i.e.crane and marina services, etc.)
    • Outside vendors (i.e. sailmakers, hardware companies, etc.)
    • Arrival/departure dates of our customers and their guests
    • Race schedules

    Due to the nature of our work and our dedication to our commitment to quality work done with the customer in mind, The Yacht Rigger must prioritize our workload using these factors.

    All non-urgent job requests will be added to our “floating commitment” calendar, these jobs will be completed as we have openings in our fixed schedule, which will be determined based on location and availability around our fixed schedule. We will always call before heading to a vessel and try to provide as much notice as possible.

    Please specify the level of urgency and any arrival/departure dates or race schedules that we need to consider for the project that you are inquiring about so that we can appropriately place you in our schedule.

    We hope this system works well, and encourage any feedback or suggestions from you, our clients.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding, and as always, thank you for contacting us at The Yacht Rigger!