Dinghy Anchors Kit


For kayaks, dinghies, and other small watercraft, a compact and lightweight anchor that reliably sets in various bottom soil conditions is essential. Enter the Mantus Dinghy Anchors, renowned for their exceptional setting capability across all bottom types, surpassing competing anchors.

Weighing merely 2.5 lbs, the Mantus Dinghy Anchor comes as a comprehensive package, equipped with Mantus’ distinctive spade tip and stable rollbar. Despite its lightweight construction, don’t underestimate its power – this anchor sets swiftly, delivering unparalleled performance, stability, and compact storage options.

  • 3 piece collapsible stainless steel anchor
  • 5/16 double braid line – 50 feet, with a stainless steel thimble
  • 1/4 shackle
  • Nose cover
  • Storage bag


UNMATCHED PENETRATION: The Mantus Anchor excels in penetrating even the densest grassy bottoms, boasting unparalleled holding power. In comparative tests, our anchors consistently outperform competitors such as Rocna, Manson Supreme, Bulwagga, Fortress, Bruce, CQR, and Danforth anchors, setting faster and deeper.

CONVENIENT STORAGE: When it comes to boat anchors, the Mantus lineup stands out for its convenience. Whether you’re a long-distance cruiser, racer, or day sailor, Mantus anchors break down easily for compact storage. This means you can stow one or two as spares without sacrificing precious boat space.

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Dinghy Anchor Kits

Stainless Steel – 50 ft line, nose protector and wet storage bag

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